Google…the good old days

Why, why, why!? Is Google taking away iGoogle? It is MUCH better than My Yahoo! but I will have to switch now.  I have Chrome but and love it, but it seems to be getting progressively worse.  I do not have a smart phone or tablet so they are leaving me in a lurch. 

Also, it looks like Google is no longer improving Google Desktop and is distancing itself from SketchUp, one of the few half-way decent free 3D modeling tools.  For what?  To buy YouTube and create +Google.  Google has no business fiddling with, or attempting to make knock-offs of  perfectly good websites.  When Google focused on the Internet and its own few programs, it was the best but now that it is making phones, computers, etc. is seems to have gone down the tubes.

No doubt Google would call these moves “progress” and say that they must discontinue some services in order to create and improve others.  I say, Google shouldn’t  create any others, and the ones they had were perfectly fine.  Also, the fields that Google is trying to get into (social media, smart phones, computers) are fine the way they are and don’t need any other competitors.  So as I said, Why, why why!?


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