This post may seem rather rambling and disjointed but having just read bipolarblogging I feel I have to say something.  Here it goes:

Depression can be horrible and debilitating.  It beats you down and cloaks your world in darkness and despair.  When your depressed, it feels like nothing and no one can make you feel better.  You feel like there’s no reason to live anymore and that you can’t go on.  You just want it to be over, what ever it takes to end the torture.

What you don’t realize, what the depression won’t let you realize is that it can and will get better.  Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week but it will get better.  No matter how tough or hopeless you may feel, you must keep fighting.  You must not give in to the disease.  It wants you to give up, to feel like your life’s not worth living, but it is.  It is!  Better times will come, you just have to hold on.  Some people turn to religion, some turn to art, but you must do something, anything, to keep yourself going.  Because when its all said and done, when you look back on your life, it will have been worth it.  So I say again:

Hold on, don’t stop fighting!


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