Technology in the Classroom

Why, may I ask, is technology in the classroom, and in school in general so bad?  Having just read "Technology In The Classroom" on XYZ Textbooks, I began to ask myself this question.  No one can dispute that we live in a digital age where almost everyone is connected to the world via social media and the internet.  Since most students spend much of their time away from school using devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, there is no doubt that they are well versed in technology.  I believe this knowledge should be used to enhance the learning experience.

Technology has so much potential.  From online databases rich with  scientific findings to students’ ability to contact and collaborate with each other and their teacher outside of school.  Why shouldn’t we tap this potential? Some say that integrating these types of resources into the classroom would be a distraction but I believe it will help to further engage students in the learning experience.  There is nothing less appealing to a student then sitting in class and listening to a lecture for 45 minutes, but when you give a student a computer and tell him to research what experts are saying about a topic, the same boring lesson becomes an exciting, interactive experience.

Now, you must understand, that in no way am I saying that teachers should be replaced by computers.  Sometimes there really is no alternative to one-on-one interaction but with class sizes growing larger by the year, teachers often can’t pay equal attention to all students.  Technology could help teachers by giving students the chance to help themselves and freeing teachers to teach and encourage students.  With the seemingly endless resources computers and other such devices could provide, why shouldn’t teachers be given the option to bring technology into the classroom?


One thought on “Technology in the Classroom

  1. Very interesting. I am sure this is a multi-layered issue. School budget? School board? Teachers education/knowledge about current technology and so on? It is a very relevant issue and good for you for sounding off about it. I agree teachers and technology are not mutually-exclusive – each makes the “other” experience richer, better. I liked this mucho. Write on 🙂

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