The IPod War

The IPod, the ultimate symbol of teenage youth, the music device.  IPods have become almost universal, but some of us still refuse to give in to the trend and get one.  I, myself, am one of those people.   Call me cheap, call me stuck-in-the-past, call me whatever, but I just can’t seem to understand the necessity of IPods.  Now, I’m not saying that I don’t understand the necessity of portable music players, I have one and am shamelessly addicted to it, but why an IPod?  I have a perfectly good Eclipse MP3 (and video) player with a still and video camera, a calendar and a calculator.  It has 8GB of memory, a metal shell, and scratch resistant camera and screen.  I purchased this wonderful device for less than $50, while the average IPod, not touch, mind you, is $100.  Sure, you can brag to your friends that you, too, have an official IPod, and you can play games on it but, ultimately, you are a slave to Apple.  You must buy from ITunes, and no outside content is allowed.  My Eclipse and I can happily browse YouTube and the vast Internet and download whatever music and videos we can find.  My Eclipse may not be able to play games, but, in the end, these devices are music (and video) players, all else is extra.  Who really has time to play games on their IPod anyway?  Whenever I have time to play, I’m by my computer and would much rather play on that.  I rarely ever use the video player on my Eclipse, tough I know some people are addicted to it.

Why, then, has the IPod become so prevalent, that it is considered shameful when you don’t have one, when perfectly good, cheaper, alternatives are available?


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