Black Friday Mania

What has come over people?  People who are normally nice, polite, and calm have become pushing, shoving, rage-filled monsters.  This morning, I was watching TV and saw a video of a man  warning shoppers not to shove his kids or he’ll stab one of them.  First, what man in his right mind would bring his kids Black Friday shopping?  Second, what caused this man, who is most likely a nice, calm person, to threaten people he didn’t even know?  What about the perceived great deals makes people become a snarling mob?  I just can’t understand what causes this madness. 

The retailers know that this is how people react to their sales and seem to encourage it by stressing their limited quantity or a short time to purchase.  Then, after their shameless encouragement, when someone gets hurt, they act like they had nothing to do with it.  Retailers say that they don’t encourage or promote dangerous behavior and that they do all they can to stop such actions.  While they might not do this explicitly, they cannot deny that their marketing tactics cause this sale-fueled rage, the evidence of this is broadcast all over the TV.  If they truly wanted to stop this from happening, they would stop promoting a false sense of urgency and encourage shoppers to take their time and calmly shop.

But, in spite of all this, people should have enough common sense to see through all this marketing madness and not fall victim to the retailers’ ploys, yet, year after year, shoppers get whipped into a frenzy and hurt and insult each other.  So again, I ask, why do ordinarily nice, calm people turn on each other just because of a few sales?


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