Christmas: the presents, the carols, the decorations.  What’s not to like?  ’Tis the season for people to show kindness and generosity to their fellow man.  Everybody gets into the spirit and nobody has any problems.  That may be what you see on the surface, but is that really the truth? 

Apart from all the festivities, there is another side to the holiday season.  Children go to sleep hungry and don’t dare to dream for more then a roof over their heads and a meal in their stomachs.  Parents sit around the table struggling to stretch their minimum-wage paycheck to cover the ever-mount bills.  Some are forced to choose between paying the rent and buying food for the children.  Often, the situation is made even worse by the absence of a parent.  So, next time you see a mother standing on the side of the road asking of money, stop, open your wallet, and give.  Not so much that you must go without but something, even if its just a quarter.  It shows you care, and that, makes the biggest difference.


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