World War III?

Having just studied World War I, I feel compelled to point out the similarities between the lead up to that war and and the current state of affairs in the Middle East.  In the lead up to the war, the countries of Europe made several alliances, some in secret.  Also, the countries began to build up their armies and develop new, more deadly weapons systems.  In early 1914, Serbia tried to break away from Austro-Hungry.  Serbian assassins killed Arch-duke Ferdinand, the heir-apparent to the Austro-Hungarian throne.  This caused Austro-Hungry to attack Serbia, and war broke out, causing Russia to move in to help Austro-Hungry.  This movement put Germany on alert because they saw Russian troops near the border.  Germany’s movement caused France to go on alert and thus began a chain reaction.  The countries allied with Serbia also began to mobilize and soon the conflict escalated into a massive war between the alliances, World War I.  One of the most deadly wars in history was caused by the death of one man.

When you extrapolate this and adapt it into modern terms, many of the conditions that led up to WWI exist in the Middle East now.  Internal struggles exist in several nations, including Syria and Egypt. These conflicts aren’t dissimilar to the Austro-Hungry v. Serbia conflict.  Many countries in that region are have made alliances that would cause conflicts if war were to break out.  An arms races has started between Israel and Iran as well as other countries over nuclear weapons creating tensions.  It seems that the conditions are developing for another potential world war.

I believe that if a conflict were to break out in the Middle East, America and Europe would be unable to stay out of it.  I am, by no means, suggesting that I know everything about international politics but the connects aren’t that hard to make when you compare that situations.  Some action must be taken to stop this apparent repeat of history before it is too late.


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