Note to all you people out there who call someone an overachiever as an insult:  What’s wrong with going a little above and beyond once in awhile?  Now, yes, I admit that those people who constantly do more than required and openly flaunt it are obnoxious and annoying, but we’re not all alike that!  I am often called an overachiever and ridiculed because I do more then the absolute bare minimum and, yes, it bothers me.  Not because I can’t taken being ridiculed, but because I have no idea way this is such a bad thing.

Doing a little extra allows you to not only score some points with your teacher, boss, etc., it allows you to prove to yourself that you can do something better than what is expected, and that makes you feel good.  Now, maybe I’m just a bit light in the loafers, but I like going in to school and presenting a 5 slide PowerPoint with pictures when all that was required was three, text-only slides and watching my teacher’s and fellow students’ faces show varying degrees of shock and amazement.  Call me sick, but I love seeing that.

So I ask again, what’s wrong with being an overachiever?


One thought on “Overachiever-ness

  1. Absolutely nothing. Generally, I think those people are just jealous. Why do they care at all how much time other people spend doing things? It’s just odd. And indicative of someone that needs a hobby of their very own… 😉 Stay fabulous. Cheers.

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