Music… The pulse of life

Here is another installment of my music posts.  Yes, they were supposed to be weekly but, as happens all too often, life got in the way.  Lets hope this will tide us over for awhile.  The theme of this post seems to be songs for the lonely but that doesn’t mean the songs won’t apply to you if your not.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

A song that exemplifies the sound of loneliness, this song is calm yet poignant.  Another anthem for those of us out there who are alone and wishing for someone to help them find their way.

One-X – Three Days Grace

This song is more about depression than loneliness, but since one can, and often does, cause and exacerbate the other, it fits into the theme.  It speaks about the perseverance of the depressed.

Even If It Breaks Your Heart – Eli Young Band

Even If It Breaks Your Heart, at face value, may not be about loneliness or depression, or anything like that but its meaning applies to everyone:  No matter what, always keep and follow your dreams.  This is a lesson we all could do well to follow.


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