Christmas, Now

Merry Christmas to all!  Now, I warn you this post may be a bit nonsensical but please bear with me.

I went into this holiday season dreading Christmas.  For me, Christmas was a time to feel bad.  Seeing all the happy people with friends, family, etc., when you aren’t/can’t be just makes you sad.  But then I realized, Christmas isn’t about feeling good because you aren’t alone, its about feeling good even if you are alone. 

Christmas is supposed to make you feel happy.  You may be alone and down and the abundance of happiness may make you sad, but there’s more to it than that.  The obvious happiness shows you what you don’t have, but it also shows you that happiness is out there and possible to achieve.

Christmas may make you sad, but open your mind and try to see the potential it shows.  You might surprise your self and get happy!


One thought on “Christmas, Now

  1. Aw… Mike. This is a really sweet blog. You are right. I never really feel sad at Christmas, but I am so glad that I read this. Enjoy your day! Merry Christmas!

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