Hi all!! Sorry I haven’t posted in such an uber long time but life has been hate’n on me a lot lately.  You may have noticed but I had to remove almost all comments.  Sorry if yours was lost.  Feel free to re-post it.  I am trying to get back into the blog but I can’t seem to concentrate my writing.  Now, for the reason for this post:

Spoiler Alert: if you intend to read Nevermore, do not read any further!!

“How could you, Mr. Patterson?!  How could you?”  I wail in my mind as tears come to my eyes.  I, who pride myself on not crying and being cold and uncaring.  Yet my heart breaks as I read the last pages.  The end of the series I have read without fail.  The end of the story of characters I have come to know and love.

Life has thrown a lot at me in the past year and many things have changed, but through it all, Max and the Flock were some of the few who remained constant.  I developed a connection with these characters, whether it was because they were seen as freaks or because they believed they had a higher purpose.  And I can honestly say these books changed my life.  They showed me a place where freaks could change the world, and even save it.

So I come again to the end.  As I read I thought, “So, this is how it ends? With a cliff hanger and… a lie?!”  I dare say I would have rathered Patterson make good on his promises and killed Max.  The ending, while thrilling and romantic, seems cut short.  How could it just end?  Yes, some people were saved, but Max didn’t save them, and those who were saved are living underground.  Also, while Max seems to have chosen Fang, Dylan, Max’s “perfect other half”, is still around.  There are so many questions left to be answered.  How can this be the end?  So again,

“How could you, Mr. Patterson?  How could you?”


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