On Legacies

They say that life is not about what you have while you’re here but what you leave behind.  As I surfed the internet this morning and read the ever increasing number of articles on the rising murder rate, gun violence, etc. I began to wonder, if I were to die, what would I leave behind?  I haven’t done anything of note, haven’t written a book, invented anything, or discovered some new drug.  At first I thought, “I’m only in High School, I can’t really expect to have done anything that important yet.”  But as I continued to think about this, I realized that many people much younger than me are dying every day.  I am old enough to at least try to do something useful with my life, so that if I do come to an untimely and premature death, it may be said that I left this world a better place.

Now, you wonder, what could someone my age possibly do to make a difference in this world.  Whenever I think about this, I think about the movie Pay It Forward (please read this Wikipedia article if you don’t know the story).  In it, a boy comes up with an idea that starts a movement.  His idea was simple,  he helps three people and, instead of them repaying the favor to him, they pay it forward by helping three more people, who each help three more people, starting a chain reaction of help.  Now, I don’t have delusions of grandeur, and  I don’t think that I will ever start something on that scale but that story shows that just a young boy can affect the lives of many people. 

I hope I can one day look back on my life a be satisfied with the knowledge that I  made this world a better place.  And I encourage you to try to make a difference too.


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