Shadow’s Story

Here’s a poem I wrote long ago when I was depressed. I hope some of you may like it.

One Shadow stands, tall and erect
Watching our race with level breath
Seeing, knowing as the age goes by
Waiting for the sun to rise
And alight his long darkened eyes

Once young and innocent and free of guilt
One Shadow stands alone
A wolf among dogs
With secrets known to none but one
Hardened by time
Now cold to the world
He sees the cracks in iron armor

He knows few other Shadows
None so dark as he
No one quite understands the pain
It took to get him here

He lost everything he ever had
The one he really cared about
The one who cared for him
He’d pushed away
To save from the dark

As time went on
Without dawn
The Shadow sand but deeper
No longer fearing
The call of the Reaper

He wishes he could start from scratch
Go back in time and try again

Undo the wrongs he’s done
All his mistakes undone

When times get tough
And he looks back
On fights he’s won and lost
If only life would even out
It’d all be worth the great cost

On thoughts of going
Back to the place from whence he came
He put all such notions to rest
For in returning, he would risk
The shattering of dreams
His one true hold on life

His hopes and dreams
Fleeting visions of a better life
A life un-afflicted by sorrow
Untainted by hatred
Un-darkened by Shadows

From sleep he wakes
Into a world of dreams
Where there is no escape
And he drowns in despair
As the realization sets in
There is no escape
There is no hope

He walks around
In his haze of despair
No one and nothing can pull him free
As he trudges through life
Oblivious to joy

As the days slowly passed
And he sunk lower and lower
Giving up on the chance of life
He’d lost his chance
Messed up his life
And now he pays the price

He still has dreams
Though they’re not always welcome
They pull him back into memories, hopes and wishes
Showing him what could be
What still might be
If only he dared return
And let someone in

He tries to move beyond his past
Proceed with life and make it last
Not forget what has come before
But honor it forever more

He’s not so dark now as before
But his demons live forever more
Always knocking on the door
Of consciousness with vicious lore

They taunt and tease
Looking for a fight or flight
In either they would delight
For victory, theirs would be
In the silent reverie

With constant fear
And frightful dreams
He wades through life
Filled with strife


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