Time: The Strongest of Forces

It is said that water is the strongest force. Water is indeed very powerful. It has the power to give life and to take it away. It has the power to shape the grandest of mountains and carve the deepest of valleys. But I disagree that water is the strongest force in this world, rather time is.

Water may take life if circumstance allows, but time takes all life regardless of the influence of others. Only through time can the forces of nature do their work, forming and shaping formidable peaks and valleys. In all these and many more displays of force, time is the enabling power, allowing all other forces of nature to shape our world.
Time, alone, can strengthen or weaken bonds of the heart and soul. Bonds of love, respect and caring can only grow and endure through the good disposition of time. If time so chooses, even the strongest of bonds can be broken. Even the most enduring connections well dissolve under the fierce ravages of time.

Time enables all other forces and shapes the world around us to its whims. No force of man or nature can stands against the ever-present strain of time.


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