Christmas Blues

[ I know that there are very few people who will read this, but for those few… I know this is not my best writing, and I know I haven’t written in a very long time. Thank you very much for staying with me.]

Christmas…for most people, a time of love, joy and good cheer. Christmas is said to be a season to be happy and spend time with the ones you love, rejoicing in the gifts of friends and family. But for some, Christmas has lost its meaning.

For me, Christmas used to be a time of joy no matter what troubles I had. No matter how bad things were, hearing a Christmas carol or seeing the lights never failed to put me in a cheerful mood. Then, things seemed to change; the carols became a bit less merry, the lights a bit dimmer, the hot coco a bit less sweet. I guess it may have happened slowly, so slow, in fact, that I didn’t even notice the change, but Christmas had lost its magic. The sights and sounds of Christmas ceased to make me smile. The joy usually heralded by the season, just didn’t seem to appear anymore. And like a small child on Christmas morning, saddened to the core when he wakes to find Santa did not visit his home, I realized, with great melancholy, as I watch the endless parade of yuletide movies on TV, that Christmas was not the joy-filled season it once was.

Maybe it was me who changed, maybe I lost my joy, my Christmas spirit, or maybe it was Christmas itself, in this modern era or materialism and unkindness, that no longer brought its once abundant cheer; maybe it is just a fact of growing up, or maybe I have grown cold, but there is no longer any happiness in this season.

Many will probably call me a Grinch, and maybe that is what I am becoming, but I feel that I can no longer speak of the joys of Christmas, for, to me, Christmas no longer carries any joy.


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