LogMeIn Inc.

I’m angry…that’s all I can say. Most of you will either have no clue what I’m talking about or won’t care but I gotta vent. I’ve used LogMeIn Free for about 3 months now to remote log in to my desktop computer at home from my laptop and to do other remote work. I tried to do the same today and was told LogMeIn Free was no longer available. I wasn’t warned about this and now the service I came to rely on suddenly disappeared. This is outrageous!! How can a company just cancel a service without giving people time to find a suitable replacement?! Now they say if you would like to continue using LogMeIn, you have to pay $49.99! This is nuts! In the FAQs, it says that a notice was emailed out, but I never got any such notice. I just want to say, if anyone who used LogMeIn is thinking of paying their outrageous fee, please reconsider. There are several other programs out there that offer the same or better service, such as TeamViewer.


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